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November 4, 1956: Soviet Army Enters Hungary

Destroyed Soviet Tank in BudapestOn this day in 1956, the Soviet Army entered Hungary to suppress an uprising. This moment is a glaring reminder of why it was truly an evil empire.

Following its defeat in 1945 as part of the Axis power, Hungary fell behind the Iron Curtain, becoming a satellite state of the Soviet Union. In October of 1956, Hungarian students began an aggressive protest of their country’s authoritarian socialist government. The revolt quickly spread as Hungary’s communist regime collapsed on October 28.

The Soviet Army then invaded Budapest and other parts of the country, killing 2,500 Hungarians as it squashed the revolution in 6 days. By January of 1957, the Soviet Army had made mass arrests and installed its own government. It was the first time the Soviet Union had taken such violent action to protect its control of Eastern Europe and showed how far it was willing to go to so.

In 1992, Russian President Boris Yelstin apologized to the Hungarian Parliament for the invasion.

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