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October 30, 1949: Leon Rippy Born

Leon RippyOn this day in 1949, Leon Rippy was born in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He has become one of the more recognizable character actors working today.

Rippy has acted in more than 60 movies and television shows and more than 70 plays. He has not had his career-defining role, and here’s hoping a television show creator with HBO, FX or AMC will give him that opportunity. In the meantime, here are some of his most memorable performances.

  • Chiefs (1983): In his acting debut, Rippy has no trouble being convincing as a Southern Klansman in this CBS miniseries based on the Stuart Woods’ novel.
  • Young Guns II (1990): “Best $1.80 I’ve ever spent.”
  • Kuffs (1991): It’s hard to make a villain disgustingly foul, but Rippy seems to do it with ease.
  • Beyond the Law (1993): In this underrated B-movie, an FBI agent (Charlie Sheen) infiltrates a biker gang with the guidance of an old pro played by Rippy.
  • Saving Grace (2007): The Lord works in mysterious ways and in this series, he answers the title character’s (Holly Hunter) prayers in the form of a scruffy Rippy.

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