Oct 17

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October 17, 1979: Mother Teresa Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Mother TeresaOn this day in 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  She was given the award for her work in fighting poverty and distress throughout the world, two factors that are also a threat to peace.

Mother Teresa spent the majority of her life combatting poverty. The Missionaries of Charity Fathers, which she formed in 1950, is active today in 133 countries in areas including hospice, education, AIDS and leprosy.Mother Teresa did all of her work while forgoing fanfare and financial reward. When she received the Nobel Prize, she refused the celebratory dinner and asked that the $192,000 monetary gift be used to feed the hungry in India.

While certain Nobel Peace Prize winners over the years have generated controversy, no one could argue Mother Teresa’s receiving of the award.

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