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October 13, 1917: The Miracle of the Sun

Miracle of the SunOn this day in 1917, a crowd of 30,000 to 100,000 people in Fátima, Portugal, watched a unique solar activity where it seemed as if the sun touched the Earth. The event is known as the “Miracle of the Sun.”

Three children in Fátima had claimed to see apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the months prior to the event. The apparition had told them numerous times that that she would provide a miracle on October 13 “so that all may believe.”

Thanks to the word of mouth of the children’s claims, a crowd of thousands, including a few reporters, gathered on that day. After a period of intense rain, the sun appeared through the clouds and zigzagged towards the crowd coming so close that bystanders reported that their wet clothes were dried, along with the ground around them.

The Catholic Church accepted the event as miracle in 1940.

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