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August 1, 1978: Pete Rose’s 44-Game Hit Streak Ends

Sports Illustrated Cover on Pete Rose StreakOn this day in 1978, Pete Rose’s 44-game hit streak came to an end against the Atlanta Braves.  The controversial Cincinnati Reds’ legend remains the only serious challenger to Yankee Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hit streak of 1941.

Rose’s streak began on June 14 and continued through three double-headers, the All-Star break and a few dramatic late innings. On July 31, Rose scored its last hit off of Hall-of-Fame knuckleballer Phil Niekro.  The next day, he went 0-4 against the Atlanta Braves, bringing this magnificent run to an end. In total, he racked up 66 hits in 44 games.

Rose actually tied Willie Keeler, who had set the pre-DiMaggio record in 1897. The player with the third-longest streak since 1941 was Paul Molitor with 39 consecutive games as a Milwaukee Brewer in 1989.

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