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September 30, 1991: The Charlie Rose Show Airs

Charlie RoseOn this day in 1991, “The Charlie Rose Show” first aired. In an age where viewers are forced to navigate through the partisan rhetoric of the likes of Keith Olberman, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, and Chris Matthews for insight, Charlie Rose remains a breath of fresh air in his time-slot.

Never mind his diverse collection of A-list interviews and his wide range of knowledge, civility is Rose’s greatest asset. Rarely is a guest given less than ten minutes for conversation and no matter the topic, Rose’s demeanor with his interviewees mirrors two old friends engaging in a lively discussion. It is why CBS’ morning show took a gamble in making him its main anchor.

Hundreds of these interviews used to be available at CharlieRose.com in their entirety. Each one could be called a gem, and it is a shame that the website is no longer including any interviews before 2011. Nevertheless, Rose’s show remains one of the few shows where you can listen to someone speak on their own terms and form your own opinion. There aren’t enough shows like that anymore.

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