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January 11, 630: Muhammad Conquers Mecca

On this day in 630, the prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, led an army of 10,000 Muslims to conquer the city of Mecca (in present-day Saudia Arabia). Mecca would soon become the center of Muslim pilgrimage.

At the time, the city was ruled by the Pagan Qurayish tribe who persecuted Muhammad and his Islamic followers once he began to preach his new religion. This resulted in a conflict that lasted several years but was a halted by a brief ceasefire from 628-630. However, the Qurayish then broke the peace and attacked and killed a group of Muslims, prompting Muhammad to gather up 10,000 men and finally conquer the city.

Victorious, Muhammad declared Mecca, which also happened to be his birthplace, the holiest site in Islam and the center of Muslim pilgrimage.

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  1. John geider

    Mahbrook, hakim! Bekhair. A’jabani haqqan. Bettawfeeq.

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