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January 9, 2006: Howard Stern Debuts on Sirius

On this day in 2006, Howard Stern debuted on Sirius, ending his 20-year run at WXRK (K-Rock) and taking Howard Sternsatellite radio to a new a level.

According to USA Today, technical glitches delayed Stern’s debut by 20 minutes (music was played during the delay), but then Stern appeared and quickly found his groove. The hoopla surrounding his move to a radio station not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission was whether he would use profanity like a guest on The Jerry Springer Show. However, Stern was tame compared to expectations, but he and his team did use 172 swear words throughout the four-hour broadcast.

Seven years later, Stern, his cast, crew and interviewees use the f-word and others as they please and it makes for a better show and interviews with celebrities. The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” has said that he has tried to create a show that is similar to friends chatting in a bar and people cuss when they’re having frank conversations in bars.

While Stern and Sirius disagree on how just many listeners he brought to the Sirius, both concur that his move added at least two million subscribers.

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