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August 5, 2009: Budd Schulberg Dies

Budd SchulbergOn this day in 2009, Seymour Wilson “Budd” Schulberg died of natural causes in Quogue, New York. The novelist, sports writer and Academy Award-winning screenwriter was 95.

Schulberg, the son of Paramount studio head, B.P. Schulberg, wrote “What Makes Sammy Run,” an insider’s look at Hollywood, and “The Harder They Fall.” He also penned the Oscar-winning screenplay to “On the Waterfront,” as well as “A Face in the Crowd.”

Barring an overwhelming release of landmark films, “On the Waterfront” will likely remain on the American Film Institute’s list of the top 100 films for decades to come. Most of us can only hope to contribute half as much to American culture.

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