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July 4, 1776: American Dream Begins

Gene Tunney StampOn this day in 1776, the American Dream began with Congress ratifying the Declaration of Independence. Countless Americans have prospered since.

The freedoms we have benefit us in immeasurable ways. One of histories most noteworthy beneficiaries was Gene Tunney, who grew up the son of a longshoreman in New York City and, with his wits and drive, became heavywieght champion of the world and the first fighter to receive a $1 million check for a bout. Tunney was not your typical boxer. He was arguably the most intellectual heavyweight champion in history and hung out with individuals like George Bernard Shaw and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Tunney also contributed pieces to publications like The Saturday Evening Post and Reader’s Digest and was the first fighter to fully author his own books. He wrote two “A Man Must Fight” and “Arms for Living,” and in the latter he offered his thoughts on democracy, which serve us well ason this day. Tunney wrote:

“[Democracy] is a spiritual concept that one feels rather than practices. It is a concept which once understood can never be replaced by any other form of government. It is a concept that makes men meek in the presence of their peers, but makes them fight tyrants. It inspires the humble to die militantly on their feet, rather than live servilely on their knees. The concept of democracy is the ideal that countless millions have died for during the ages.”

Happy Fourth of July. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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